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InterContinental Hotels Group PLC with a live audio webcast

Axisto Media provided InterContinental Hotels Group PLC - with a live webcast communication service.

We deliver high-quality webcast communications, video communications that support your brand, provide direct audience engagement and strengthen your business relationships.

Our webcasting technology was created with one goal in mind, to provide business and professional users with the tools and support they require to create high-quality, brand supporting online communication capabilities.

We offer viewers a full screen, interactive, live & on-demand webcast experience that is both memorable and engaging, raising your business profile as well as reinforcing customer relationships.

Our expert technical and AV teams will provide you with the full support you need, from planning & conception through to live event broadcast and project completion.

Engaging with your audiences on a regional or global scale, irrespective of size, is now easier and less expensive than ever. With live user participation and full viewer interactivity, our webcasts bridge the gap between you and your online users.

Detailed audience reporting and tracking provide new levels of audience insight and provide the ability to respond to individual user queries and leads.

Our custom media players, webcasting platform and support teams combine to provide brand supporting high-quality, scaleable video communications that

Please contact us for further advice on how webcasting can support your communication, training and marketing needs.