CNBC/Bloomberg. Axisto Media provide the technology and network powering loading news clips services.

Internet Broadcast, Archive & Commerce Video Platform.

The IBAC Video Platform provides a flexible means for business clients to integrate their Webcast and Video content into broader scale Video, Webcast and internet TV services.

Working seamlessly with our webcasting platform, combining scalable User Management, Media Content Management and Content Licensing our Video Platform supports a unique range of on-line multimedia services.

Our aim is to provide business clients and publishers with a better solution to the standard Video Platform technologies that are available in the market. One that more closely aligns with their exacting requirements and that better supports the broad range of communication, information and training requirements that they run.

Designed on the latest open standards it is quickly and easily customized and integrated with existing enterprise systems and web-services.

Providing flexible e-commerce support, our Video Platform is uniquely positioned to support new commercial opportunities for high-value content, training and information services.

We are proud of the capabilities that our latest Video Platform provides, so please do Contact us to request more information and arrange a demonstration.